Unveiling the Latest Trends and Innovations at Storm Xpert

In the dynamic world of construction and roofing, Storm Xpert has established its name as a leader and innovator. As a prominent roofing company located in Buffalo, NY, we have always been committed to bringing the latest and greatest to our customers. Here we bring you a roundup some cool new trends and innovations to watch out in 2022 and beyond.

Green Roofing

As a company, we fully understand the growing emphasis on environmental sustainability. That’s why we are thrilled to introduce our Green Roofing Solutions that are not only eco-friendly but also aesthetically pleasing and energy efficient. This roofing method incorporates living vegetation and growth, improving air quality and reducing heat within the building.

Reflective Roofing

Another innovation we would like to highlight is Reflective Roofing. This is a smart way to combat Buffalo’s hot summer months by reflecting more sun rays than traditional roofing. The result is a cooler internal building temperature, enabling significant savings on energy costs. A cool roof doesn’t just benefit your energy bills, but can also extend the lifespan of the roof by reducing heat damage.

Roofing with Solar Technology

If environmental efficiency is your aim, let’s talk roof-mounted solar panels. Solar power technology has seen monumental improvements over recent years, making it a popular and efficient choice for sustainable living. Storm Xpert can seamlessly integrate these solar panels into your roof, bringing you closer to a self-sustaining home while aiding in the drive towards renewable energy.

Drone Roof Inspection

Fusing technology with roofing expertise, we now offer Drone Roof Inspections. With this service, our professionals use high-resolution drone cameras to capture detailed images of your roof. This facilitates a much more comprehensive and safer evaluation of roofs, especially following a storm or other major event.

We are excited to continue bringing these innovations to our customers. Remember, when it comes to your roof, choose a partner who stays ahead of the curve. Choose Storm Xpert.