The Fiascos of Furnace Fumbles and Cooling Calamities!

Have you ever been stuck in the biting chill of winter without a functioning furnace? Or maybe you’ve been caught in the sweltering heat of summer, desperately waiting for your cooling system to kick in? Don’t worry, we know your pain, my friend. And it happens in the wonderful Warren, MI! But don’t you worry – we have the prescription for those seasonal hardships. The good folks at Apollo Heating & Cooling, Inc.

Furnace Faults No More!

Your furnace brokedown, and you are wrapped on your 10th blanket while the temperature keeps dropping? Sounds like a furnace replacement is overdue! Thankfully, you can save yourself from turning into a human icicle with our efficient furnace replacement services.

Heater Installation – The Roseville, MI Way!

Roseville, MI residents! We’re here to make sure your heater installation doesn’t turn into your worst nightmare. Apollo Heating & Cooling, Inc. ensures an HVAC contractor who is professional, proficient, and blows away the competition – unlike your current heating system which just blows… cold air.

Laugh at the chilly days of winter and the boiling days of summer – with Apollo Heating & Cooling, conquer your indoor climate and live comfortably each and every season.