Stay Cool and Comfy with DIY Tips for Your AC Unit

When living in beautiful spots like Avon Park, FL or Frostproof, FL, you know how crucial maintaining your air conditioner can be. It’s not just about keeping your home pleasantly cool, but also about ensuring your AC provides you with a long-term service. Enjoy more comfortable summers with these handy DIY maintenance tips.

Keep the Exterior Clear

Your air conditioning unit should be free from physical obstructions to function efficiently. Especially if you live in areas bursting with natural beauty like Wauchula, FL, or Babson Park, FL, outdoor maintenance is a must. Keep the surrounding area tidy and trim any plants or structures within at least two feet of the unit, allowing sufficient airflow to the air conditioner.

Regularly Replace Filters

The easiest yet the most critical DIY task on the list is changing your AC filters. A clogged filter decreases the efficiency of your air conditioner and increases your electricity bills. And not just that, it also reduces your indoor air quality. The rule of thumb is to replace your filters at least every three months.

Check Your Thermostat Settings

For those seeking excellent Heating Service in Wauchula, FL, or Babson Park, FL, one must ensure to have the thermostat settings in check. A programmable thermostat lets you set temperatures for different times of the day and automatically saves energy when you’re not at home. Make sure your thermostat reads temperatures accurately—if it doesn’t, it might be time for a replacement.

Ensure No Ductwork Leaks

In areas such as Sebring, FL, where an AC replacement might seem like an expensive venture, the best practice is to ensure your current system operates optimally. One of the overlooked aspects is the ductwork. Regularly check for leaks because if air escapes through cracks or disconnected lines, it may lead to an inefficient cooling system and higher bills.

When taken care of right, your air conditioner can provide you a superior service for a good number of years. However, for more complex tasks such as an AC Repair or Air Conditioning Installation, always choose professional services like Long’s Air Conditioning, Inc. Stay cool and enjoy your Florida summers!