Keeping Cool in the Bay Area

At Bay Area Air Conditioning, we take pride in ensuring our customers stay comfortable throughout the sweltering summer months. As an HVAC technician, my days are filled with a variety of tasks, from routine maintenance to complex installations.

Morning Routine

  • Arrive at the office and review the day’s schedule
  • Load up the van with necessary tools and equipment
  • Attend a brief team meeting to discuss any special projects

On the Road

My first stop is often a residential home in need of a new AC unit installation. Upon arrival, I perform a thorough assessment of the existing system and discuss the homeowner’s needs and preferences. With their input, I recommend the best solution and provide a detailed quote.

Installation Process

Once the project is approved, the real work begins. I carefully remove the old unit and prepare the area for the new installation, ensuring proper ventilation and refrigerant handling. After the new unit is securely installed, I conduct a series of tests to ensure optimal performance and energy efficiency.

Maintenance Calls

In the afternoon, I typically handle a few maintenance calls. These can range from routine filter changes to more complex diagnostics and repairs. Regardless of the task, I take the time to educate our customers on proper AC care and answer any questions they may have.

End of Day

Before heading back to the office, I ensure all job sites are clean and tidy. Back at the office, I update job reports, restock supplies, and prepare for the next day’s adventures in keeping the Bay Area cool and comfortable.

At Bay Area Air Conditioning, we take immense pride in our work, ensuring every customer receives top-notch service and a comfortable indoor environment, no matter how hot it gets outside.