A Day in the Life of an Employee at Advanced Heating

Have you ever wondered what goes on in the life of an employee at a company like Advanced Heating? It may sound technical and complicated because of the nature of the work, but it’s a much more interesting day than you might think. We deal with AC Replacement and AC repair, among other services.

Dawn Till Noon: Inspections and Procedures

The day starts early for our hardworking crew. We begin with the review of our daily schedule, discussing the jobs we have lined up. It ranges from routine repairs to full system replacement. Most mornings start with a hot cup of coffee and a detailed discussion about the technicalities of the HVAC and plumbing systems – and that’s before we even leave our premises!

Our team is typically on the road by 8 am, reaching out to our dear clients. This often starts with on-site inspections and diagnosis. Whether it’s a small office or a residential building, our mission is to ensure indoor comfort, maintain efficiency, and help extend the lifespan of the AC units or heating systems.

Noon To Dusk: Implementations and Rectifications

We usually break for a quick lunch before we drown ourselves into the realm of wires, vents and pipes. Our work, however, is never monotonous. Every day brings a new challenge and opportunity to deliver a solution. We might find ourselves rectifying an old plumbing issue in the afternoon or implementing a full AC replacement. Our locally owned and operated company believes in nothing less than 100% client satisfaction.

Once our repairs or replacements are done, we always ensure our work area is as clean as we found it, if not cleaner. As the day winds down, we get back to our base, put our tools away, and recalibrate for the next day. After all, no two days are alike in our line of work!

After Hours: Reflecting and Learning

Even after clocking out, our commitment doesn’t just end there. We use our evenings to reflect upon the day’s work, diving deep into customer feedback and learning from our experiences. We currently have a trainee in our team and we make it a point to go through explainer videos and training resources together. It’s all about constant learning and striving to deliver quality service at Advanced Heating.

This is a typical day for an Advanced Heating employee. The work is certainly challenging, but the satisfaction we get from turning our customer’s day around is priceless.