Types of Air Conditioning Systems

When choosing an air conditioning set to buy, there are many factors to consider; first consider the type of air conditioning system you want and the benefits it offers you. A HVAC expert will recommend different types of air conditioning systems for different applications. The most commonly used air conditioners will be described in this article. The decision of which air conditioner system to use relies on a number of factors. Some of these factors include the length of area is to be cooled, the total amount of heat generated inside an area, size, etc. A HVAC expert would consider all the related parameters and then propose the system most suitable for your space.

Below are some types of air conditioning systems available.

The Split Air Conditioner

These consist of two parts: the outside unit and the indoor unit. The outside units which are fixed outside the room encase some component such as a condenser, compressor, and expansion valve. The indoor units consist of the cooling fan and the evaporator or cooling coil. In this type of unit, you don’t need to create any slot in the wall of the room. The present day split air conditioner does not take much space and has aesthetic appeal. It can be used to cool a couple of rooms.

The Ductless mini-split systems

This can be a great choice for home without ductwork. Like a fundamental split system, it combines an outdoor compressor and a condenser with more indoor air handling units. These units have blowers attached and are mounted high on the wall. The indoor and outdoor units are connected by tubing and circulates refrigerant between them. Every indoor unit is installed separately in a room and has to cools that room only, just like a window air conditioner. The main benefit derived from ductless mini-split systems is that they can also be installed without breaking up walls to install ductwork. The flow of cold air is controlled independently in each room. When used to cool the entire house, mini-split systems are much more expensive than the ducted central air conditioning systems. They are however also more efficient as they avoid the energy loss associated with ductwork.

Portable Air Conditioner

The portable air conditioner comprises of a mobile independent air conditioning unit that is put on the floor inside the room and discharges all exhausted heat using a hose vent through an outside wall. They are somewhat noisier than other types of units and can cool rooms under 500 SF. They are the solution to the stubborn hot rooms that may exist even when using a central air conditioning.  Just like the window air conditioner, its portable unitary system contains all the refrigeration components in one compact box. It additionally discharges heat out one end and then blows cool air through the other end.

Window air conditioners

The window air conditioners are the most economical and simple to install. In order to install it, open the window, place unit into the window, pull down window tight against it and then open side folds to close the gaps at each ends. Finally plug in and switch it on. The hot air is removed through the back of the unit into the atmosphere. During the cold weather it works in reverse, that is it intakes cold air and gives out warmth.
Modern air conditioning system have numerous capacities, that is cooling, warming, ionizing, dehumidifying and cleaning the air. Therefore, it is essential to pick the correct size for your room while considering efficiency and energy rating.