Furnace Issues and Maintenance Tips

Regular maintenance of a furnace or any home appliance is as important as regular maintenance of our cars.  Furnaces are usually trouble free and easy to maintain, proper maintenance can help avoid breakdown, save money and time and most especially protect your health and safety. Usually people ask question such as why is my furnace leaking? Why is my furnace blowing hot air? Why is my furnace making noise? ETC. In this article we are going to give you tips on furnace maintenance. When a heating or cooling system malfunctions, one of its 3 components may be the cause of the problem. These components include the heat/cold source, its distribution system, or the thermostat. Here are few solution to some issues encountered in furnace.

  1. When the furnace or air conditioner isn’t running, the problem is usually at the source. The furnace or air conditioning system usually has lost power supply; it is likely that fuel is not reaching the unit. The fuel may not be igniting, if it is gas or oil.
  2. When a furnace or air conditioner is able to turns on but the warm or cool air can’t reach the rooms, the problem is likely to be the distribution system.
  3. A bad control or thermostat, could make the system not to turn on or could cause it to turn on and off repeatedly. In any case when you encounter any problems always start with the simplest procedures.

For your furnace to always work perfectly the following maintenance tips should be followed regularly

  1. It is wise to examine the heating system regularly for any sign of deterioration, such as corrosion, leakages or water stain.
  2. Always clean the furnace air filters regularly at least two times a heating season and change them when necessary.
  3. Be sure to keep the area around the furnace free of dust, lint, paint, drain or any other materials or chemicals that are flammable or can easily explode when heated.
  4. Always make sure that the warm-air outlets and cold-air outlets are in no way covered by dirt or blocked by debris.
  5. Make sure that heating system’s air supply is not blocked by walls, other obstructions or new renovations.

However before starting any personal maintenance work or your furnace or air-condition system, always make sure the switch are turned off. Some

When do you seek for a heating or furnace professional?

Most routine furnace maintenance or cleaning don’t require any special skills, however there are some furnace problems, which can only be handled by professionals. Some of those problems include

  • Odd noise or loud noise
  • Short cycling i.e. when your furnace shuts off after running for a short time
  • Loose fan belt
  • Irregular flames or firing burners
  • Sooth deposit; this may mean that the burners need adjusting or that there is a cracked heat exchanger that needs replacing.
  • leaking coolant from the system
  • Loose wiring
  • condensate drain that is blocked